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February 28, 2019


Utah House Passes Bill That Would Allow Drivers to Run Red Lights

(Thanks to Fred Rosenberger, who asks "What could possibly go wrong?")


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They're doing it already, dontcha know.

If you cause an accident running a red light the responding officer can, at his discretion, give you a 'Moe' eye poke.

George Carlin:
I'm riding with this guy, and he flies right through a red light.
"Hey! You just ran a red light!" I say.
"It's okay. My brother does it all the time," he says.
Comes to another red light, runs right through.
"Are you CRAZY?!" I yell.
"Aww, my brother does it all the time."
Comes up on another light; it turns green, and he slams on the brakes.
"Why did you stop?" I ask.
He says, "My brother might be coming the other way!"

Stixnstonz--Thanks for mentioning George Carlin. Many of us remember his great humor and sincerely miss him.

In some states, motorcycles can proceed with caution if sensors don’t flip the long ght

So, Utah is going Full Florida?

When I lived in Utah it was not uncommon for people to stop for green lights and, if they saw a friend coming the other way, to stop in the middle of Main Street and have a chat.

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