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February 18, 2019


Burnt toast could be more toxic than TRAFFIC FUMES, scientists warn

(Thanks to Slim Chance and Mark Schlesinger, who says "Unplug me before I kill again.")

It's Not Just Toast That Wants To Kill Us: Cooking a Sunday roast can drive indoor air pollution far above the levels found in the most polluted cities on Earth, scientists have said.

(Thanks to Ann)


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I've been eating burnt toast and roast beef all my life and I'm just fi....*KLUNK*.

Keep Austin weird.

To update a Mark Twain quote:

"If you don't read Internet studies you are uniformed, if you do read Internet studies you are misinformed."

When I cook my whole condo building gets evacuated and Haz Mat team arrives.

Don't get me started on microwave popcorn.

That would be Qaz-Mat, eh Qaz?

Scraping, scraping, scraping... Good for the arm muscles.

One feels for the hordes of victims of toasticide,as the grim carts slowly rumble through the streets with the mournful cry of the drivers:
"Bring out your Bread, bring out your Bread."

When will the pandemic end?

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