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February 01, 2019


Video shows man faking fall to get insurance money: prosecutors

(Thanks to Allen at Division and pharmaross)


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What 'treatment' would he have gotten in a hospital for that?

Paging nursecindy!

Many years ago, in Chicago, the fire department responded to a house fire. They first suspected it might be a case of arson when they found all of the homewoner's possions in the back yard, under a tarp

Hey he still has to pay for the soda.

It the words of Bug Bunny, "What a maroon!"

Security camera smercurity camera.

nursecindy: "Moron."

There's one moon landing that was definitely faked.

Maybe a six-month vacation at the state pen will give him a new lease on life.

This often happens when you try to take a nap at work.

Or so I hear.

The criminal charge is something he won't go slip slidin' away from.

I worked in Health and Safety for a few years at a large truck manufacturing place. One day I was walking out of my office when I noticed a forklift operator sit carefully on the floor in front of his forklift, lean back, and then start screaming that the forklift had jumped out of gear and hit him. I was only about 20 ft. away when this happened. I walked over to him, told him I saw the entire thing, and then told him to go back to work which he did. This guy did a better acting job than my forklift operator.

Well, if he can't get insurance money, can he get an Oscar?

There was a bus accident downtown several years ago. There were only five passengers on the bus at the time. By the time the paramedics and police showed up, 27 "victims" were on the bus, claiming injuries/seeking compensation.

I’ve fallen and I don’t want to get up.

This is why I love nursecindy: she never disappoints!

I thought the jump cut where they substituted the stunt man was very poorly shot.

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