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February 01, 2019


Disturbing new trend sees dog owners putting glitter on their pooches' testicles

(Thanks to Ralph)


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And without an order from you-know-who.

I tried putting a bow in my dog's hair and she ate it off in one second.

I always wondered what inspired the Jerry Lee Lewis song 'Great Balls of Glitter'.

And I still do.

Dave, will you be decorating Walter in corn syrup and glitter?

No. Just no.

Cold as it is up north, you won't need much glitter.

Maybe they shouild try this on an animal that's more understanding
Like a cat
It would be the claws that refreshes

Paging PETA, where are you?

glitter rocks

What next... Skittles ?

Do you think that ladies (human) would like this look? Asking for a friend.

Putting glitter on a dog's testicles is just nuts.

The only male animal in my house is my 15 lb. cat, Ozzie. If I tried this on him several of you would be writing things like: "I didn't know nursecindy was this dumb. I'm going to miss her".

You know that show where celebrities dress as animals or creatures and sing?

The next trend could be body suits for animals where they dress as celebrities and piss and poo.

And seriously, you wonder why the aliens haven't had several meet and greets?

Okay, seriously, pets (dogs and cats) should not have testicles. They should be neutered (females spayed). We have too many unwanted pets being put to sleep every day because of irresponsible people letting their pets breed. SPAY! NEUTER!

Back to your usual frivolity.

Suzie Q., Ozzie never goes outside so the females in my neighborhood are safe. My dog has been spayed because she does go outside.

If I did this I'd spend all my time scraping glitter off my dog's nose and tongue.

This is why dogs bite owners...

Suzie Q - We do breed our best working Border collies, but if you don't intend to have it work livestock, we won't sell you one.

This could result in a serious case of glittre-tongue.

Um, that is the British spelling of glitter-tongue.

We have become such a classy society.

That's pretty nuts

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