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February 28, 2019


MGM and Mattel are partnering up to develop a live-action feature film based on the toy entertainment company’s classic View-Master toy line.

(Thanks to Nancy Gill)


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Coming this summer in IMAX 3D, Paddleball: the Movie!

Next they will come out with a movie starring Dick Tracy using his two-way wrist radio.

It's actually just a normal movie, shown simultaneously in adjacent theaters.

Hey! I'm still waiting for "See And Say, The Movie" to come out.

^5 Stixnstonz

No Barbie movies? Now that she's turned 60 has Mattel decided she's not worthy of a movie?

I'm waiting for the stereopticon movie. Not much action but great 3D effects.

nursecindy, apparently you don't have Netflix. There is a Barbie movie for every inch of her scaled-to-real-size ultrastructure.

The evil character will be played by the Viewmaster Projector.

Geezer Bus front row passes to anyone who ever burned their fingers on the spring which held the lens in place.

(Not that *I* ever burned my fingers on the spring which held the lens in place!)

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