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February 05, 2019


Grey squirrel is on the menu, as diners turn to the wild meat to help boost the reds

(Thanks to Ranald Adams, B'game, Michael Moyer, Woozy Barnes, Michael Parry, Ralph, Kevin Smith, Le Petomane, pharmaross, R. Wolfe and elseabs)

Possibly Related: Hot pink flying squirrels? Wisconsin biologist shocked to find creatures glow in the dark

(Thanks to Jollymon, Jeff Matthews and Matt Filar)


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I've eaten squirrel meat. I learned some important things after I did this. First of all, it tastes nothing like chicken. But most importantly, whenever I go to a family reunion in Georgia now, I always ask what type of meat is in a stew or casserole before I dig in.
As for the glowing squirrels in Wisconsin, this is what happens when you go through several nights of -40 degree temperatures. The brain starts to play tricks on you.

"How do you like your squirrel -- fallin'-off-the-bones tender, or with a little fight left in it?"

(channeling Granny Clampett)

Hot Pink Flying Squirrels opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Times like these, Rocky should take comfort in the fact Bullwinkle is a vegetarian.

1) Leave it to the hipster foodies to repackage inexpensive traditional "folk" food as trendy, overpriced "Farm to Table" bistro fare. (Or, in this case, should the phrase be "Tree to Table"?)

2) Hot Pink Flying Squirrels? Let me know if they find one that farts glitter out its heinie, and I'll consider it news.

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