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February 06, 2019


A driver has just crashed a car 'swerving to avoid octopus'

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Jay Brandes)


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Or perhaps there really was an octopus in the road.

Case dismissed.

I'm fairly sure his psych eval went something like this:

"Honest doc, I was just drivin' along mindin' my own business when this huge octopus jumped in the middle of the road. It had these huge scary suckers on all them legs. It was awful, like in that movie 20,000 Leaks under the Sea...Uh, can I get somethin' to settle my nerves?"

Bad trip?

The driver better watch out for ther long arms of the law.

They're the squirrels of the sea.

What was the octopus driving ?

I hate running into those.

CTHULHU sightings are getting more frequent!

HEY...maybe it's like fresh roadkill deer...someone always grabs it while it's still kicking...SOMEONE SCOOPED up OCTOPUS lost from a seafood truck and took it home to wash and COOK.

From Seth Meyers - Police became suspicious when they investigated and found no squid marks.

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