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February 06, 2019


Naked woman chased man out of hotel and through traffic claiming ‘I’m not crazy’

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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The links posted by the Blog today are good, I really don't what to say. Except for the link about photographs of a former WWF wrestler making photos of her Poo availabe for sale. I experienced a similar situation some years ago which was much worse and it did not involve a photograph.

Officers later found Hedgepath to be in posession of an open, half full bottle of Grey Goose cherry flavored vodka, marijuana, a silver metal grinder containing marijuana residue, and three pill bottles with assorted pills in them.

It is Partay time, b!tches!

I'm sure that she's a very stable genius, too.

Rejected Love Boat story line.

The Aristocrats

Another fun couple on today's "Valentine's Day Edition"
of the Jerry Springer Show....


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