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February 14, 2019


Online Store Sells $650 “Thought Box” That You Put Over Your Head to Just Think

It does come with a Thought Stool.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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It doubles as a laundry hamper, so there's value there.

A guy here in Geezer Acres bought one of these and he claims they really work. He had put it over his head for just a few minutes before he realized he had been screwed out of $650.

If you act right now they'll double the offer.
Who knows what can happen if you run two thoughts together.

Is that where Trump got "the best thoughts"?

Asking for a friend.

This was done by South Park months ago in the episode "Buddha Box". Hilarious!

Buddha Box

Is it okay to call a person 'wearing' this a 'square'?

Does it come in various colors?

Is this related to the 'box chakra'? Or to the bossa nova?

Asking for a cubist...

Thought Stool toured with Diarrhea Planet

Would it be okay to put the box on a co-worker?

The original "D!ck in a Box."

Then why is everyone talking about " thinking outside the box "...?

Ikea could sell it much cheaper, but then you'd have to think about assembling the box and stool.

And for another $350, you can add the optional extender cone to the top of the cube.

According to The Form Emporium product page, the Thought Box is intended as a personal space in which the user can simply think. It allegedly “promotes mental efficiency”.

I think they misspelled the word "deficiency".

Or a paper bag?

In New Mexico a tinfoil covered box is available for only an additional $199.99.

I just dropped a Thought Stool.

Much better now!

Snork @ Clankie!

I did find this, however:

It's so important to never limit yourself, to find yourself in a box. ---Ashanti

I so do not want to see a stool sample.

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