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February 01, 2019


Man stripped naked, bit his own dog, then bit an FBI agent on neck, Virginia cops say

(Thanks to Peter Metrinko, Mac Turl and Allen at Division)


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He was biting his own dog? Wire his jaws shut!

Man bites Dog is ALWAYS a news story!

"There once was streaker from Manassas,
Who smoked some felonious grasses.
His brain a bit foggy,
Hit a woman, bit a doggie,
Showed the neighborhood just what an ass is."

Bravo, Stixnstonz!

Visitor from Flathead County?

Yikes, what a nutcase to encounter. I'd ask nursecindy what they do for bites nowadays. Years ago if a person bit you in the hospital it was serious. Medical gave you gamma globulin and other shots. I really worry about the dog. Aside from an infection, that guy could also have given the pooch fleas.

He'll be back to work at the DMV within a week, I predict.

Le Petomane, in this case they may want to give the FBI agent AND the dog some rabies shots! Usually we just give people some antibiotics. I have a Labrador-Boxer mix and she weighs almost 80 lbs. If he could pick up a dog that size, squeeze and bite it, he was on more than marijuana. They're also one of the sweetest dogs you'll ever find so I hope they find this dog a good home.

Cos-playing on meth never works, son.--Sage advice from Walter White's journal.

I don't know what else this idiot could have added to his rap sheet other than jaywalking, so he'd better duck when the book gets thrown at him.

Damned government workers. This is why they need to be at the office.

Funny, yes. But weed often precedes these incidents. Alex Berenson documents research showing that THC causes psychosis, schizophrenia and violence. Berenson is an ex-NYTimes reporter & author of "Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence." It's worth reading. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GNV64PJ/ref=dp-kindle-redirect?_encoding=UTF8&btkr=1

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