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February 11, 2019


Man melting dental fillings causes closure of Massachusetts apartment building due to mercury contamination

The man, who received the fillings from his grandfather, thought the fillings were made of silver, but the fillings were actually made of mercury. WPRI reports the man’s grandfather was a dentist.

(Thanks to Ann)


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Why would a dentist put mercury in his own teeth for fillings?!

Well if I had money, tell you what I'd do
I'd go downtown and buy a mercury or two
Crazy 'bout a mercury
Lord I'm crazy bout a mercury

.. more like crazy from mercury

Mercury has and I believe still is used in dental amalgam. This gives the filling a silver color and supposedly it is safe.

In the Old West mercury was used to recover gold from panning.

Hatters also used a lot of mercury in their profession. The mercury poisoning caused mental problems and gave us the term "Mad as a hatter."

Meanwhile in an adjacent unit at the Hamlet Street apartment building...

Dental fillings, the gift that keeps on giving.

Gandpa had a weird collection hobby.

I JUST signed up with a new dentist. Will check about his filling material police.

"Hear that sound? Every time mercury is melted, a demon gets his wings."

from the forthcoming tell all by another White House staffer

MOTW_Love Alan Jackson. So does NurseCindy.

I'm glad my grandpa only left me a clock and his rosary.

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