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February 24, 2019


Perth man superglued butt to counter, uses gherkin juice to free himself

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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Next time, try a Vegemite sandwich, mate.

So he ruined a perfectly good bar just to save his butt? Where are his priorities?

If this guy makes a habit of sitting naked on his counter tops I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to eat there.
On the other hand, I would have killed to have seen something like this come into the E.R.

What a cheeky monkey.

He sure got himself out of a pickle

I'm guessing he couldn't reach his flamethrower.

"The day started out as usual with my partner and I working the day watch. We handled two bank robberies, and a liquor store heist before lunch. Then Frank took a call every cop hates to get. There was a 999-OS on Snake Bend Road. It wasn't a pretty sight when we got there. A naked fat man with his butt glued to a counter never is unless you're a pervert.

"Frank and I made lunch while surveying the situation. I love spicy gherkin and smoked python sandwiches and had the fixings out when the glue-butt man jerked and spilled pickle juice on the bar which freed his butt.

"It was actions like this that earned my captain's bars."

----From the memoirs of Joe Friday

Is it just me or does 'gherkin juice' sound nasty?

Henceforth, I shall make certain to carry a jar of pickles whenever I am naked.
This may have an adverse effect on my love life.

ROTFLWTIME @ LePet!! You've outdone yourself, my friend.

He was such a gherk-off...

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