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February 20, 2019


Father spinning gun on finger accidentally shoots self at daughter's birthday party

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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That's one way to avoid being there when the clown comes.

Why on earth would one bring out their gun at their daughters birthday party. It is kind of dumb and then shot himself. Dumb.

(Emma's Daddy)- "Stand back, little rustlers! I'm a-gonna show y'all how the West was won..Lookie here! When I spin this here six-shooter, I want you to yell along with me in your biggest cowboy and cowgirl voices, okay?
Here we go...Yee-haw[BANG] Mother%#&!]!!"

(Kids)-"Yeehaw Mother%#&!!"

Emma stays awake that night wondering how she can convince her friends that she was adopted.

The finger spinning gun trick happened right after He finished singing Happy Birthday to you, you belong in the zoo.

Didn't Steve Martin do that (without the shooting himself part) in PARENTHOOD (the movie)?

Texas leads the way!

"Happy Birthday, Sweetheart! Now please call 911 for daddy!"

"I think if I recover I'll show you what the safety is for."

incident and comments made me choke on my lunch.
too funny.

Since his daughter was celebrating her 16th birthday is there any chance there were boys at this party? He forgot the second rule of owning a gun. Before you play with it make sure there aren't any bullets in the chamber. The first rule is, don't play with guns.

Sounds like a high caliber Dad who either downed a magnum of champagne at the big bang party or had one shot too many as his daughter rifled through her gifts from Target!

Next time, this idiot should just stick with "pull my finger."

I’m holding out hope that Mrs. Brain Trust got a little help and Mr. Brain Trust was not allowed to reproduce.

The ambulance did not transport the dad to a Florida hospital for treatment?
"mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be daddies..."

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