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February 05, 2019


Coast Guard To Offload 17 Tons Of Cocaine In Florida

For Miami, that's almost a two-day supply.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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That's one more than the song mentions. Would last a day and a spell.

Have they mentioned any street address and/or security schedule?

Asking for a friend.

Finders Keepers, right, Coast Guard?

Mission Captain: Casey Jones.

The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton was responsible for five cases, seizing an estimated 9,460 pounds of cocaine.

So that's what inspired the musical...

So they found one container of coke

And the street value is still falling

I agree, Cheesewiz--isn't this rather like the Coast Guard standing at the service window at a busy Post Office at holiday time talking to the clerk in a loud voice about how it is going out of town for six months? "No, hold the mail for 5220 DURHAM ROAD...THAT'S RIGHT, 5220, ON THE CORNER OF DURHAM AND MAPLE, ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF TOWN. 5224 IS ACROSS THE STREET FROM ME. TELL THE MAIL CARRIER NOT TO DELIVER ANYTHING TO 5220; MINE IS THE HOUSE WITH THE TWO PORSCHES PARKED IN THE DRIVEWAY..."

Anyone seen Charlie Sheen lately?

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