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February 19, 2019


It’s now easier than ever in France to act out “Star Wars” fantasies, because its fencing federation has borrowed from a galaxy far, far away and officially recognized lightsaber dueling as a competitive sport

(Thanks to The Perts and Andrew Mendez)


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My fencing mask has long since degraded... but this is an event that I would do

When the other guy's hand flies off, you win.

Oh, I am so in. I was on the nascent college fencing team in the early to mid-70s, just before Star Wars. Traditional fencing is linear and brightly lit. The darkness and sumo/wrestling circle format is cool.

Alex, what is something else you'd only find a guy doing?

Nursecindy, I distinctly remember Emma Peel fencing with John Steed and she won!

Also, France surrendered, but her husband was not happy.

Just another bunch of guys, waving their wands around.

@Funny - John Steed probably used his umbrella. The Avengers was a great series.

France got Star Wars nerds? You'd think French nerds would cosplay as The Dark Escargot or something.

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