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February 11, 2019


For $20, Oregon rehab center will put your ex's name on a salmon and feed it to a bear

(Thanks to Craig Roberts and Allen at Division)


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Mic drop goes to Dave!

How do you " put someone's name " on a salmon ?

Do bears sh*t in the woods?

If you’d ever seen the result of a bear mauling, you too would conclude there are some sick people in this world. Sick and wrong.

If you choose the $20K option, you'll also get:

a) lifetime hauntings by your ex
b) bigfoot creatures will fart around your home constantly
c) you may be reborn as a salmon being fed to a bigfoot

Limited time offer. No, we do nit validate.

Unclear on the "sleep with the fishes" concept.

Snowman: After a few fish, the bear boldly goes where no bear has gone before.

I question why a Rehab Center has Two Bears? Scared Straight?

If the Oregon rehab center used my actual Ex under the $20,000. option, they will need a lot of Pepcid to treat "unbearable" cases of heartburn for those poor animals!

In Prague ZOO, you can name a cockroach, which is then fed to meerkats. Also, name of the ZOO´s director is Bobek, which means "little poop" in Czech.

My Ex was a bear, just saying..

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