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February 04, 2019


Fisherman uses dead shark as a bong

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Ernest "Reefer" Hemingway sketched some notes for "The Old Dude and the Sea."

Wait! Stoners go fishing? Who knew?

This type of smoked fish can only be sold CA and CO.

I don't even wanna click on that.

I was expecting that he would use existing orifices to get the best airflow, if not flavor.

The Oregon Department of Transportation is opening a case study even as we speak.

Now we know what happened to Dory.

Everybody sing!
"Baby shark (dude dude du de dude)
baby shark (dude dude du de dude)
baby shark (dude dude du de dude)
baby sharrrrrkkkkkk.....

Makes me think of bagpipes as bongs.

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