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February 03, 2019


Myers eventually came to a stop and she and her two passengers were ordered out of the car. As she laid down on the ground with her arms out for officers, Myers took one last chug of beer.

(Thanks to elseabs and pharmaross)


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Judging from the video, I am guessing this isn't the first time she and her passengers have been pulled out of their car by police. They know the drill.

I hope she kissed her driver's license goodbye too.

I suppose if you're going to get nailed for DUI, at least make it worth the while.

In reality, not amusing.

This gal started out the day drinking a fifth of liquor before going to beer.

She had better get some help quick. Alcohol poisoning isn't funny and can quickly turn deadly.

Just watching the video causes me to not remember a thing. She's a beaut.

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