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February 08, 2019


Wedding descends into brawl after groom hits on teen waitress

(Thanks to Andrew Mendez)


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But other than that...?

At Chucky Cheese?

The best man must have got the groom sufficiently drunk the night before. Or, not.

A day that the bride will long remember.

Isn't that what pushed Lorraine Bobbitt over the edge?

The bride should be trying to decide if annulment is spelled with one or two "N's."

And ladies, he's (about to be) single!

Well, at the least the bride will come away from this with a wedding album like no other.

I recall my family members and I enlivening many a dull wedding reception by studying the behavior of the groom on the dance floor, etc., and then handicapping the marriage's chances. One groom, after the first dance with his bride, proceeded to dance extremely close with and chat up all the (horrified) bridesmaids in succession. We gave that marriage six months. Today, we'd have to measure the marriage's chances in minutes.

He ought to be confined to his trailer.

His wedding was a lot more fun than mine.

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