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February 13, 2019


A man dubbed the "cupid of chaos" was arrested in Ohio and is accused of being married to at least four women in as many states, authorities said Tuesday.

No wonder:


(Thanks to pharmaross and Andrew Mendez, who says "Sorry ladies, he's not available.")


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Why, it's Mr. Toad! (ribbit)

I believe that not long ago I saw this man's picture on the cover of Masochist Monthly magazine.

Seen Cupid of Chaos somewhere, but can't quite place him.

Well he does have a certain je ne sais quoi, no?
I'd give him twenty bucks to stay away from me.

He does look quite the catch, as nursecindy indicated. I think I saw him rapping for money on the R train a couple of weeks ago.

"Je ne sais quois" is French for "thing on his upper lip."

Tosses nursecindy an extra $50

He looks like a natural for pro wrestling. With 4 wives he can clearly handle abuse.

That's Uncle Fester.

A friend asked, "One of his wives is 25? What's his secret?"

The only guess I could come up with was mesmerism.

Well, he did try to make an honest woman of them...

My other thought was — Harcourt!

Can he sing " Down in the Valley "...?

Look at that face. More than enough love to go around for every woman. The four he married wanted to keep it for themselves.

This guy reminds me of a Will Cuppy comment about Attila the Hun (in Cuppy's history of the world):

"Attila was now sixtyish. His mind was weakening and he decided to marry again, as he had been terribly misunderstood the first three hundred times."

Clankie -10 bonus points for the excellent obscure "Stir Crazy" reference, the only one that referred to a convict.

Now ladies, that mug shot may not be very flattering, but you should get a load of him in the full Cupid costume, little wings, adult diaper and all. I'm sure it would affect your heart rate.

Dave, I thought je ne sais quoi meant, "I thought she was 21.

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