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February 01, 2019


Woman, 61, charged after snow-shovelling fight in Guelph

(Thanks to Chris Knight)


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Oh Canada!!!

Are you sure it wasn’t a hockey game?

This is nothing. Take someone's parking space in Chicago after they've shoveled it out and called "dibs," and your body will never be found.

When I was walking the dogs at 5 AM today, an older gentleman was very deliberately shoveling the light dusting of snow from his driveway with a very warped metal shovel, dragging it across the concrete with a hideous scraping, like giant nails on a chalkboard. I said, "Which neighbor are you getting back at?" and his eyes shot next door as he grinned at me and nodded.

In the ladies defense, there's really not much to do for entertainment in Guelph.

I once took a bus tour of "Scenic Guelph". It was a short tour.

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