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February 15, 2019


The remarkable theft of about 30,000 litres of iceberg water from a vodka company warehouse in Newfoundland has bewildered the firm’s owners.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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This is an entirely use of the phrase "police believe alcohol may have been involved"

Expect that a competitor will be introducing its new zero-calorie "vodka" next week.

"Sarge, we've got some good news and some bad news about that iceberg water theft. The good news is we found it. The bad news is the iceberg we planned to use as evidence melted."

I wonder if it was a free-range iceberg or a farmed one ?

So the jokes about Newfies are not jokes after all Like tis one:
A Newfie and his wife are leaving on vacation.
Before they leave, he likes to check to make sure his car is working right.
He asks his wife to get out and check the turn signals.
"Are da workin ok?, he asks."
She answers, "yes..no..yes..no..yes..no"

The Heat Miser strikes again

Did anyone check the drain? Someone probably left the tap open.

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