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February 07, 2019


Elderly ladies' fight over bingo seats prompts brawl at long-term care facility

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, Michael Moyer and Ralph)


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Next week's game has been moved to Chuck E. Cheese.

Fortunately they were required to check their guns and knives at the door.

"Nursing Home Brawl" was a rejected Madea movie, right?

Still, another brawl almost broke out in the comments.

Maybe Madea would have been able to solve this with her purse gun.

Possible script inspiration for a new Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Lundgren movie.

Brought to you by Hockey Night in Canada.

I worked in a nursing home early in my career and the most important thing I learned was to never stand in front of a wheelchair when it was time for bingo. Seriously. They'll run you over. I had to help break up more than one fight because someone thought the bingo caller was cheating.

For some reason, I'm imagining nursecindy wielding a fire extinguisher as defensive weapon: spray to cool down flared tempers or blunt force to regain the upper hand.

That's a really scary thought.

NC -- So slipping a few machetes to the crowd would not be helpful?

This is the very reason the Stones stopped touring.

What nursecindy said. I've seen some full-contact bingo sessions on cruise ships, and that environment doesn't hold a candle to assisted living or senior centers.

♫ And the geezer in the back said everyone attack
And it turned into a nursing home blitz
And the hag in the corner said boy I want to warn you
It'll turn into a nursing home blitz
Nursing home blitz, nursing home blitz, nursing home blitz, nursing home blitz ♫

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