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February 12, 2019


Ecologist Dr Frank Rivera-Milan said the donkey population in Barbuda is out of control.

(Thanks to an anonymous source who shall remain anonymous)


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Out of Control Donkeys opened for Snarky Puppy.

There's a frank assessment of the problem.

Huge populations of out-of-control donkeys (AKA asses) have been a problem for centuries. I believe at one time their jawbones were considered weapons of mass destruction.

Those donkeys are just a bunch of asses.

Mystery solved - This is where all the "retired" congress-peoples go.
Eliminate Barbuda vacation from bucket list.

We need more badass ecologists.

The ecologist said unlike the dogs and cats in Barbuda which are suffering,the unattended donkeys are thriving.

So why are cats and dogs suffering in Barbuda, and why does this Jackass only care about donkeys?

Where the hell is Barbuda?

Barbuda is east and slightly south of Puerto Rico.

Visit Barbuda

Thank you, YFNRW. You saved me checking it myself.

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