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February 09, 2019


Take a look at what may be the most Florida maternity photo of 2019 so far.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I like Tuttles

Do we know if she was brest feeding the 'baby'?

One year later---

"Honey, have you seen the baby lately?"

"He's in the crib playing with his brother alligator."

"Uh, hon, there's only the alligator in that crib..."

I do NOT want to attend their gender reveal party. Probably involve pythons somehow.

My friend wants to know the over/under on the gator eventually eating the baby, but I see Le Pet is there already.

Needs more boa.

"Our Little Reptillian"? I'd watch that!

I think that picture pretty much says it all. We're doomed.

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