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February 04, 2019


Crocodiles may turn up in the street, other 'unusual places,' officials warn amid Australia floods

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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They've gotten 4 feet of rain in a week and 'some areas could expect more than a year's worth of rain before conditions ease.'

Egad and Crikey!

Don't forget: Taipans (worlds most deadly snake), Tiger snakes, Box jelly fish, funnel web spiders (most poisonous spider in world), Death Adders, Blue ringed octopi, Brown snakes, etc...

Isn't everywhere there a usual place?

Australia venomous creature and ravenous beast forecast for the month of February-----

From the 1st.through the 28th.we have a red flag warning for Melbourne, Sidney, Alice Springs----
Y'know, to save time for quaffing pints, let's just say there is a 100% chance of encountering some kind of ravenous beast or venomous critter this month. Enjoy, because next month the risk level increases another 22%.

The producers of Sharknado (I,II, III, etc.) immediately filed a cease-and-desist, while simultaneously commissioning a teleplay.

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