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February 27, 2019


Mum horrified to discover what's inside bizarre 'pods' she found in her garden

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Miss Muffet?

Did she notice any salsa at the bottom of the pods?
In Australia, crime is handled a bit differently.


I think there was a movie about that.

This is how you milk the trees in Australia.


It is obvious that this woman never read "Charlotte's Web." Get her to a library pronto!

(*boards the Geezer Bus*)

No, klezmerphan, it is obvious that this woman never reads Dave's Blog.
How could anyone in Australia be surprised finding a spider, or a snake, or a crocodile in own fridge or toilet? I'd be surprised opening a box of chocolates in Australia and actually finding chocolates inside, not the usual venomous bat or a kangaroo scorpion.


That's not an I-pod, more like a your-pod!

Guessing spiders, looking now.... I wish my instincts weren't QUITE so reliable.

could have been worse.
could have been snakes.

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