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February 15, 2019


National Weather Service issues 'small dog warning' due to 50-mph winds

(Thanks to Ralph)


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That rat could get some serious air time with those winds.

"Toto! Toto! Come back, Toto!"

P.s. - Subtract 10 points if you never realized that Dorothy's last name was..."Gale"

P.p.s. - Subtract 10 more points if you immediately thought of adult film star "Gail Force".

Cats know better than to go out in that weather in the first place.

@Stixnstonz: I knew Dorothy's last name was "Gale," but it never occurred to me until just now that her last name might be related to the weather phenomenon that took her to Oz.

Our Shih Tzu ("Mongo") can't get a break. Indoors she is Lion Kinged and outdoors she is Totoed.

@wander - The judges have agreed to take off only 5 points,

They also agreed to take off 5 points from my score for omitting the "-er" from your name. My apologies.

In Eastern Wyoming patrons would look out a saloon window and when a cow came rolling down the street, some old-timer would comment: "Yep, it's a tad windy today."

"Arf! Arf! Arf-arf!!"

"What's that Lassie? Timmie got blown into a Sharknado?
You're lying! The weather bureau didn't issue a small boy warning!"

Le Petomane:Like this?

Ralph: do flying cows give air-whipped milk?

Interesting idea, however.

Ralph, yup, that would be a windy day in Wyoming. Ranchers don't seem to mind, they have about as many cows blow in that get blown out.

The good news is that there was also no squirrel warning, so let them get blown away.

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