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February 12, 2019


Customers continued to wait at A&W's drive-through even though it was on fire

(Thanks to Carl Youngdahl)


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We can safely assume their Tim Horton's burned down the day before.

There are times when my need for a burger has reached that level. Just never an A&W burger.

Flukey, then you've never had a Teenburger washed down with freshly tapped A&W root beer out of a plastic carton. Paradise.

.. and they are waiting there to this very day.
The End.

A&W's holding a fire sale!

Burger King finally has some competition heating up with flame broiled burgers.

Hey, it's free if we don't get it in 30 minutes, right?

Padgaig ~ Truth be told I've never been to A&W at all. I tend to like my burgers thick, and absolutely bloody in the middle. Like, vampire bloody.

Now I need a burger.

I have fond memories of the A&W in my home town. Not the burgers, the car hops.

Won't that melt the frost off of the big glass mugs?

Dinner and a show.

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