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February 06, 2019


Former WWE star is selling photos of her poo - and fans are snapping them up

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Reminds me of "entertainers" tossing gold-painted cow droppings at audience...grabbed at until audience realized what they were grabbing...

If it doesn't contain glitter or a thumb drive, I'm not interested.

I am not clicking on that link.

Poo-venirs, as it were.

I thought it looked a lot like an Audi I've seen recently...

This is straight from the classic novel : THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN. Here is and example of what Guy Grand would do:

Grand buys a huge downtown vacant lot in a major city. He then has a three-foot brick wall built around the perimeter and fills it with feces and offal into which bills of all denominations have been mixed. He then takes pleasure watching immaculately dressed people defiling themselves by braving the stench, and ruining their clothing and dignity, by wading through the muck for the bills.

Some years ago I was speaking with a 90 plus year old neighbor in front of the house. She was doing some gardening. As I walked up to her approached I asked, "Hi, how are you doing?" She lifted her blouse up around her neck exposing her bare chest and said, "I had an operation, see they removed the whole thing!"

I can not get the picture out of mind.

"Thank you for coming to our housewarming. We're glad you noticed our framed art over the fireplace. It's an original photo of Shotzi Blackheart's poo. It's one of our most prized works of art.
of art....Oh, We're sorry you aren't feeling well. But being neighbors we'll have plenty of chances to get together."

Poo Pictures opened for Foo Fighters at Manurefest.

Snork @ OldPhil!

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