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February 09, 2019


Passenger caught trying to smuggle leopard cub into India by hiding animal in checked bag

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and pharmaross)


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Yeah, I have to declare that this one isn't funny. A tiny, helpless creature was put through hell, so I say stuff Mr. Smuggler into a burlap sack without food and water and stow him in the cargo hold on a flight from India to the Yukon Territory. And, then tell him to get a job!

Use a striped bag to smuggle zebras

Spotted bag for leopards. Checked bags are for Scots. Czeched bags are for Slavs.

He should've known it would be spotted.

I tried that with a cheetah once, but it failed to prosper.

Just call it a comfort leopard and no problem.

"It's a stuffed animal. Or will be after I feed it."

Didn't the claw slices in the bag give it away?

Soon to be on Maury's "Cheetahs"?

The cub will of course be named Fenchurch. Or, more earnestly, Worthing. Or, barely, Paddington.

I'm sorry: amusing comments, but not a funny story.
The mother was likely killed and the cubs stolen. One month old is too young to be separated. I want to stuff that man into a pink zippered bag and check him into cargo hold on a long flight - see how he likes that treatment.

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