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February 15, 2019


Big goldfish caughtwith a biscuit in Ky.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says “We’re gonna need a bigger bowl.”)


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Sometimes, you can get one with just a ping pong ball and a little luck.

He's got nothing to carp about.

Meh--It's just a minnow.

Let's see a college student swallow that! (History Here)

Not that it matters but, Jeff sent this to me yesterday and I'm the one that said we're gonna need a bigger bowl.
I hope he threw this one back. Except for the college students mentioned by funny man I don't know of anyone that eats goldfish while sober. Except for the cracker type and even then it's iffy.

nursecindy, yes he released it.

"After about five minutes, Anderson had captured the fish, snapped a photo and then released it back to the wild."

Another story I read quoted the guy that he wanted to let it go so maybe someone else could catch him and be as happy as he was.

Is that goldfish wearing eye liner?

Is it illegal for goldfish to have biscuits? What's the penalty?

Wasn’t there a salmonella scare involving goldfish recently? Good thing he didn’t eat it.

“Salmon”ella, see what I did there...

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