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February 28, 2019


So I was going through some old crap and came across this poster, which was sent to me in 2003 by Richard Brown, who in 1967 was a student at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, where he came into possession of a poster advertising a performance at the F&M Student Union by my college band, The Federal Duck.


At least we were free.


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Totally awesome.

You cleverly did not say what sort of a musical experience it would be.

"The Feral Duck"....WWBAGNFARB.

I don't see the artist's signature? Interesting how "A MUSICAL EXPERIENCE" is right on the duck's crotch. That is the duck, right?

Looks like a Halloween costume made from the wrong colored sheet.

A Musical Experience meaning 'chords'?

I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that whoever did this had a lot of help from the sacred herb.

It would be cool if the blog would provide a list of songs performed at the venue. Maybe the list looks like this:

1. Hanky Panky - T.J. and the Shondells

2. Wild Thing - Troggs

15 minute break.

1. Hanky Panky - T.J. and the Shondells

2. Wild Thing - Troggs

Another well deserved 15 minute break.

1. Hanky Panky - T.J. and the Shondells

2. Wild Thing - Troggs

REQUEST - Hanky Panky - Wild Thing.

and so on.

"Play Free Bird!!"

*holds up lighter*

manual tomato you forgot "Louie, Louie". I think it only has three chords.

Let's not forget Summertime Blues.

All I got is this red guitar,
three chords, and the truth...

NC - You are correct, and two of those three are pretty much optional.

The poster artwork..Warhol, I presume. His Duck Period.

Did Federal Duck ever open for Government Mule?

That poster would look even better if it were drawn by hand.

Mr. Barry - We regret to inform you that the HOA has determined, after meeting in an emergency secret executive session, that your band will not be allowed to perform at our annual "Catalina Mixer" on the 15th of this month. First and foremost, we don't approve of your so-called "rock-and-roll", but also because the duck on your poster looks forlorn.
Additionally, your Toyota Prius left a mark on the parking lot that looks vaguely phallic.

P.s. -"Vaguely Phallic" WBAGNFARB

that is the worst drawing of a duck i have ever seen.

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