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January 28, 2019


How to Combat Burnout in Your Portable Restroom Business


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Just remember, it only takes a spark to brighten someone's day

In the portable bathroom industry, the spark might also result in a person being able to experience weightlessness in orbit

"Think about the moments in your career that really filled you up."

To slightly change an old saw, "It is better to light one little match than to curse the darkness."

I really don't believe this old saying applies to the portable outhouse business, but it can serve to break the boredom.

Remind yourself that it could be worse - you could be a horse "bean" remover.

The Beatles song "Matchbox" is about this very phenomenon. But Ringo pointed out the song didn't really solve the problem. Which prompted Paul to scream at Ringo: "Let it be, old bean!"

Shouldn't that be "movements" instead of "moments?"

" Being a portable restroom operator can be a thankless job."

More rewarding than being in a crowd scene in Battlefield Earth, however.

Clankie--I agree fully about Battlefield Earth. I'm actually ashamed to admit I watched it. I'm wondering if MST3K gave it the kind of treatment it deserved?

"Better to light a match than curse the aroma."

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