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January 16, 2019


Woman is caught with 24 GERBILS strapped to her legs under her skirt at a Taiwanese customs checkpoint

(Thanks to Mac Turl)


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"Really, ma'm, they're support animals strapped to your legs and hootch?"

I can only imagine where she was keeping their water bottle.

" The gerbils made me do it " sounds like a perfectly reasonable defense to me.

"It is believed she may have been sent by a smuggling ring to test the inspection procedures in the port."

If it had worked, the squirrels would have invaded.

I feel bad for the gerbils; to have to put up with that and then get euthanized.

*Your Richard Gere joke here*

I saw 24 Gerbils open for Adam and the Ants.

"The woman, named only as Wu"

They searched her because she kept going "Woo, woo, woo."

It could happen to anyone.

I saw Rodent Therapy open for Zappa.

her story was pretty plausible. i know when a friend visits a foreign country I ask them to bring me back a rodent strapped to their leg.

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