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January 09, 2019


Man caught on video licking house's intercom system for hours

(Thanks to A. Wheeler, B'game, Matt Filar, Le Petomane, Peter Metrinko and elseabs, who says "It tasted like chicken. Incredibly delicious chicken, apparently.")


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The kids should have turned on the speaker and said "Hey! That tickles!"

You just know this was the finale in a series of bad decisions.

Nothing that a good tongue lashing wouldn't solve.

This guy needs the Birds and the Bees talk.

I'll keep the Timex on my wrist far away from this guy to keep it ticking.

Alexa criticized his technique and recommended this as a cure.

[Somewhere Alexa is laughing like a maniac realizing he did what she told him to.]

Drugs have gotten so much better since the 60's. Especially so in CA. What a time to be alive and have a tongue.

"Lick lick."
"Who's there?"
"Lick who?"
"Licks like you got a wet intercom now."

We all know that slutty doorbell was asking for it!

I can't get "You can ring my bell" out of my head.... Abhh..


A dude in Alaska tried licking a doorbell once.
The cops eventually pried his tongue loose, but he could only mumble when the judge asked him to plead his case.

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