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January 11, 2019


Polk firefighters fought chicken feces fire on Highway 60 West

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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We do NOT pay our firefighters enough.

Glad they distinguished it.

I think I saw Chicken Feces Fire at Lalapalooza one year.

We're gonna need a lot more Febreze.

What were they feeding those poor chickens?

In the 1960's, we New Jersey folk would have called that " air freshener ".

It was no good for chicken salad, so it might as well be burned up.

Does Highway 60 go past the Saanich Peninsula? If so, we have a match, Gene Rayburn.

I think dried cow-patties are used for fuel various places. Probably don't smell as bad as the chicken s**t.

Just imagine the size of the paper bag they left on their doorstep...

Low down chicken s**t fire.

" The feces was being used in fertilizer and contained sulfur in it."

Mr. Grammar Person wants to know whether "feces" is singular or plural.

This is why you should never let your chickens smoke.

After they pass, smoked chicken is acceptable, but not before.

Smoking chicken poop really stinks. This is why here in New Mexico farmers never let their chickens graze in chili fields.

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