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January 25, 2019


1:46 a.m. A local man said that he blew up his car.

You know the county.

(Thanks to funny man)


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1:46 a.m. A local man said that he blew up his car.
Were any dolls action figures involved?

1:28 p.m. A man snow blowing his driveway pocket dialed 911.
I hope that doesn't really mean how it reads.

1:58 p.m. A Kalispell woman said her drunken granddaughter snuck her great granddaughter out a window.
Rapunzel: The Reboot

I'd like to respond to the caller who wanted to know if it was a crime for children to disobey their parents' orders:

"Please see #5."


1:46 A.M. A man said he blew up his car...

They have inflatable cars in Flathead County?

1:37 p.m. There was a towel on top of a vehicle in Kalispell.

Have there been any reports of a missing hitchhiker?

In Russia, car blows up you.

Parents everywhere are breathlessly awaiting the answer to the question posed by the 5:52 pm call.

How did the woman place and complete the 11:23pm call if the neighbors can disrupt her telephone calls at will? Wouldn’t the nefarious neighbors prevent the report to make sure the “authorities” don’t take their technology away?

Reminds me of an incident that was not funny at the time. I was visiting the Ancestral Homelands for the first time in a long time. I arranged to take my Grandmother to her favorite restaurant. When I went to pick her up she invited me in. I was a bit surprised when EVERYTHING in her living room was covered in aluminum foil. Floor and ceiling too. Including the TV which was still on underneath the foil. It was because the Aliens that lived next door were zapping her and making her ankles sore.

I apologize for the long post.

655321, was your Grandmother able to evade the aliens ? (Hey I've watched the TWILIGHT ZONE)

Good one, Ralph! (Now get outta my head. 'Tis a most dangerous location for such as ye to be.)

Lexus, Sadly she succumbed a few years ago. It was never dull when she was round.

7:47 p.m. Someone thought they saw a house fire in Whitefish. Turns out it was just a really big bonfire.

Someone needs to watch an instructional video from the local fire department:

"House Fire, Grass Fire, Forest Fire, Bonfire — Know The Difference..."

Did he blow up his car, or did he blow his mind out in a car, because he didn't notice that the lights had changed?

655321---If your grandmother had one those old rabbit ears antennas, with all of that tin foil I bet she got great TV reception.

PS-- Here in Roswell many people swear by tin foil hats, but they generally only offer some slight protection. If the aliens want you, prepare for a trip to forget.

^5 Ralph - That frude seems to have lost his towel.

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