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January 24, 2019


Walking? You’re risking your life in Florida, the deadliest state for pedestrians

(Thanks to DaninDallas and Jon Harris)


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I like the 'how to' videos.

Florida should try to be like Mackinac Island up in Michigan. Would cut down traffic fatalities.

Wasn't 'Death Race 2000' filmed in Florida when some screenwriter, after a close call, thought drivers must be getting points for hitting pedestrians?

Orlando Pedestrian Danger Index 313
New York City 27?

Considering that we seem to have hit & run deaths almost every day here, at least according to the news, this is hard to credit.

No way. CA has more pedestrians run over on a daily basis than FL can comprehend. We are much better drivers than they. Plus, our AB-60 undocumented immigrant driver's license encourages not being adept at reading English while running one down.

If you don't want to be hit by a Florida motorist, get off the sidewalk.

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