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January 09, 2019


Ford's Robutt is a sweaty robot butt for testing vehicle seats

(Thanks to Robutto... no, sorry, Roberto)


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If it passes gas too, I suppose the engineers will have thought of everything.

Didn’t Styx do “Mr. Robutto”?

Yes, Mr. Robutto was by Styx.

But did you forget "Tuckas" by Fleetwood Mac,

or "Birth A Butt Boogie" by Jimmy Castor Bunch?

Ford also noted that it shaped the Robutt's tuchus to resemble that of "a large man."

Ford's Robot Resources (RR) department rejected the research team's proposal to use a shape resembling that of "a large woman" [and robotically slapped them].

I like big butts and I can not lie
You auto makers can't deny
That when Robutto sits down, it'll make a brother frown

"... shaped the Robutt's tuchus to resemble that of "a large man."

If your tuchus is small and boney, your car seat hasn't been well tested.

Carnation! Yet again a robutt takes a job that would be perfect for me. We need to raise against the machines!

I said "Darnation" you stoopid spell checher.

Do you suppose that Robutt will be the machine to take over mankind ?

"Claiming robots have large sweaty butts is not wise, humans. Shape up!"

What's next — a robotic Mr. Creosote?

If your tuchus is small and bony, it will cause little wear and tear upon a car seat. The problem is that just about every car seat will inflict pain upon your bony pelvis whenever you go over a bump in the road.

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