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January 08, 2019


Moose wanders into Alaska hospital building

(Thanks to EricY, pharmaross and Jane Linderman)


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He had heard good things about the salad bar, and enjoyed grazing the lobby plants.

And note, Sarah Palin was not present nor harmed.

.. Why the long face? >rimshot<

Alaskans are a different kind of people. No police, no SWAT, no hovering animal control, no panicked staff. Hmmm, a moose. He's Ok.

It was just Bullwinkle visiting Rocky after his accident. The squirrel was taking his morning flight when he collided with a Fish and Game drone. He is expected to make a full recovery.

"The moose caused no injuries or any big problems, other than eating some greenery.."

The Billing Department will charge her insurance thousands for "supplies."

The Admissions Department requested a valid i.d. but he said he wanted to remain anonymoose and left.

Hospital spokeswoman Kjerstin Lastufka was also quoted as saying "My first name is pronounced KEER sten"

Or "SHEER sten" if she is from the old country.

Moose patients are the worst. My back hurts! My neck hurts! I have a headache! Everybody knows they just want some Vicodin. We usually just gave the some Ibuprofen and sent them on their way. We used to call them GOMERS. Get Out of My Emergency Room Stat!

Moose once bit my sister...no... Sister Cindy!

I heard Natasha's voice say, " Where is sqirrrel?"

Maybe he didn't feel good because he ate too much chocolate mousse.

Thank you...

A chocolate moose is what the Eskimo children eat at Easter holidays.

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