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January 07, 2019


Woman called 911 because she didn't like her daughter's friends

(Thanks to N.N.)


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The Ontario Police forgot to add that when you hear sounds coming from a light bulb, you need to call Flathead County 911.

".. through an investigation it was determined that the woman’s 17-year-old daughter was planning to spend time with friends and refused to stay home."

Call a locksmith, change the locks and leave the porch light off.

Hypothetical responses that never occurred:

"In that case, ma'am, we:

a) we could come over and 'accidentally' shoot your daughter
b) we could come over and intentionally shoot you
c) we could play Barry Manilow while we place you on hold, and ask the Canadian Parliament for guidaance...
d) we remind you that it could be worse. She could meet Donald Trump and become his ...supporter,,,

If you chose any of the above, you are wrong! It was sarcasm only.

Listening to advice from the light bulb in his refrigerator is how the witch down the street from Geezer Acres communes with the spirit world. We believe the refrigerator being stocked with Bud Light might help.


Were they all toting guns and trying to tie her up for torture?

Heck, some of my sister's friends? We'd call 911 when we saw them coming in the driveway. We knew we were gonna do have to do it sooner or later.

Wait'll she introduces Mom to her first boyfriend.

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