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January 26, 2019


Facebook groups are encouraging you to drink pee because they believe it can cure an array of diseases.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Drinking urine to cure disease and other purposes has been around for centuries. They used to call people who drank urine plain nuts. Nowadays they call them mentally unbalanced nuts for insurance purposes.

Just another reason to feel inspired about the direction the human race is headed.

Wasn't this a theory of Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber?

Some Major League pitchers have been known to urinate on their hands so as to toughen them and thus improve their grip on the ball...this, however, does not prevent them from whizzing away a three-run lead.

The guy who invented this idea, and it had to be one, now goes around town whistling "Urine, the money..."

It'll cure you of Drinkyourpee-itis.

I know a bad joke about urine and a horse with diabetes...

In an unknown basement ...

"Drink your pee? You really posted that?"
"And they bought it?"
"Bwaa-haa-haa. WHat are you going to try next?"
"How about injecting semen?"
"Nah - nobody'd be that dumb."

I'm surprised they don't suggest adding flavors and vitamins for greater potentcy idiocy.

It's a great way to wash down those Tide pods you're snacking on.

I remember reading somewhere, a long while ago (Geezer bus!) that Madonna said it was good to pee in the shower because it helps prevent foot fungus (among us).

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