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January 29, 2019


Huge 60ft penis spotted on Scottish school’s playing fields from space satellite image

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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It's actually a Neolithic relic used by Druids to commemorate celestial events. It is called: "Bonehenge".

Dramatic discoveries like this are are the very reason we invented satellites.

"Don't ask questions, Timmy... Just get back in line and keep marching."

-pharmaross- It also points to the Vagina Nebula.

Was it a warning to aliens that our leaders are dicks?

Oh those scamps.

ImNotDave... FYI:


NASA scientist Doctor Ben Dover, confirms that twice per year, it also points to Uranus.

I like that they felt the need to point out that a 60-ft. penis is "huge."

Next time use fertilizer

Those wacky Scots.

Didn't Mackey Academy's Massive Member open for Rod Stewart and Sheena Easton at HaggisFest '09?

This points out a little known side effect of using manufacturing waste from Viagra factories as a fertilizer additive.

“And what have you to say about this, Headmaster?”

“Aye, ‘tis like a Scotsman’s penis, only smaller.”

I'd love to hear the tape of the 911 call. "It's nae a wee willy, it's a grite grassy willy! Why do ye nae oonderstand me?"

^5 to Jeff! HM to Le Pet.

Medic! padraig has gone off his meds again.

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