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January 16, 2019


'They come back with big eyes': pétanque rocked by drug allegations

(Thanks to John Dodds, who says "Drugs? In Petanque?")

This blog happens to be familiar with petanque, having played it at a high level. (Get it? A "high" level?" Har!)  Another link about this blog's petanque exploits can be found here.


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Isn't the international slogan "You'll have a ball, even if it's a gutter ball!"?

I don't know if drugs are involved. I've come back from a few porta potties with big eyes (my eyes not the potties) and all I did was open the door.

My first reaction: When you have small balls, you need big eyes! ;-)
Dave, please come to N Florida in November and show your extraordinary skills at our annual international tournament, the Petanque Amelia Island Open !
No drugs, but lots of nice food & drinks. :-)

So now elderly men playing with their balls is a cause for suspicion of drug abuse ?

Hey, Philippe!

If you do go to the international tournament Dave, we want pictures.

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