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January 25, 2019


10-year-old attempts to prove Tom Brady is a "cheater" in winning science fair project

(Thanks to funny man)


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It's an official tri-fold posterboard display, so it meets the qualifications for a science fair project. Dave said so.

Ace also said he he would tell him "give me some of your money."

I was okay with the little sh*t until he said this.

I'm sold.

I'll get the tar & feathers ready, you grab him.

His next science project will be; How Far Did Tom Brady Throw Me After I Asked For Some Of His Money.
I'd like to see that one but good for dad for finding something to get his kid interested in school.

This article proves that Dr. Evil has an understudy.

At first, the wording of this headline threw me like an underinflated ball. It had me wondering why Tom Brady recently took part in a science fair and cheated to win it.

Should He end up with a two-timin', under-inflated wife He can refer back to his project and understand scientifically speaking how He was ordered to give his undeserving money to her.

Hopefully his kid will outgrow this wild behavior and join the other JDs hanging out on street corners, making rude remarks to the girls and selling 'burner' phones.

Um I'm not getting it.

To cheat is to intentionally violate the rules of a contest, right? What, we were to believe that the footballs were accidentally underinflated?

Sammy Sosa corked his bat = Cheater. Did the cork enable him to hit the ball farther or more often? I don't know and don't care. It's a rule and he violated it.

Tom Brady is a cheater, and should have received the Pete Rose treatment.

Glad you said "attempts" as all he really did was to prove that some of the basic laws of physics are true. Ne no more 'proved' that Brady cheated than it would prove that someone was a murder just because a gun actually fires when the trigger is pulled with a round in the chamber!

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