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January 21, 2019


Massive beef-flavoured Hula Hoop found in Stroud

This has been The News From Stroud.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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"Beef-flavored (sp?)"! Not even real beef.


I've been there. Nice little town, bought books there.

Pronounced Strood, if you care.

/end our educational portion of the blog

They opened for Captain Beefheart at the Meatstock Festival.

Was replaced by beef flavoured Cheetos. No.

So who checks to see if hula hoops are flavored ?


I was thinking the Wham-O version with a beef syrup and then WTF?

Cheesewiz, that's the British spelling. It's a little known fact that when we separated from England in 1776 one of the conditions for our independance was they got to keep the majority of the U's.

Me, too, funny man...and, I was thinking how much fun the neighborhood dogs would have with it!

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