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January 18, 2019


Cops in the Allentown, Pa., suburb posted an ad on their Facebook page seeking three “volunteers” to drink hard liquor in excess and maybe even mouth off to arresting officers without consequence.

(Thanks to The Amazing Steve)


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No comments? Is this because everybody is trying to be the first one in line? Also, there may not be an consequences to mouthing off to arresting officers now but, all bets are off later. Policemen have long memories.

I think everyone here on the blog should meet at nursecindy's home, and then we'll roadtrip to Allentown.

Why do all of these fun events happen someplace a long ways away. Geeze, you would think New Mexico is in the middle of some barren desert inhabited with rattlesnakes and aliens.

Oh yeah--- on second thought please disregard this comment.

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