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January 09, 2019


Amazon's Alexa awkwardly interrupts tech executive during CES demo

(Thanks to funny man)


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" Have a warm bath and some chocolate, Alexa. "
" Thanks. I feel better now. "

I reluctantly welcome our new AI overlords.

I never had this problem with my Commodore 64.

Alexa is a female ! Who knew ?

Anyone else remember Bill Gates getting a Blue Screen of Death during a rollout?

The demo was showing how Alexa can be added to your car. There is already one car commercial touting Alexa as part of the vehicle's features.

Imagine the "back seat driver" Alexa could be. And if she doesn't get her way, she can take control....

My family bought me Alexa for Christmas 2017. She is still waiting patiently in her box.

Let's get one into the Oval Office ASAP.

Too little research is done on placing an 'intelligent' Alexa and other AI's in a room where there is marijuana smoke. Back when wanderer2575 and I were using Commodore 64 computers we learned a simple truth: doo-doo in, doo-doo out.
I bet Tommy Chong doesn't have an Alexa.

I saw Multi-Tiered 3rd Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms open for Men at Work, who closed out the show by playing with Tool.

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