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January 16, 2019


Guy on Ambien accidentally proposes to girlfriend, wakes up and doesn't remember any of it

(Thanks to Wolverine, who says "This definitely belongs on the warning label.")


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Considering the usual dosage of Ambien is up to 10mg, and he took 40mg, I'm surprised he ever woke up.

Do you think anyone would believe I took Ambien 18 years ago before I got married and now I don't remember any of it?

I'd better stop drinking zzzQuil by the glassful.

She knew something was odd when he went to get down on one knee and kept going.

They'll all have a good laugh about this later when they've been married for 60 years and people ask him about that rolling pin dent in his skull at bingo night.

Could this explain the last Presidential election?

Tequila will accomplish the same thing and you don't have to get a prescription.

Row, row, row your boat...

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